Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Irene Carl is the Toronto Host of Independent Scene (check out her work on www.independentscene.com). She pretty much jumps into whatever situation we throw at her and impresses us with her natural talent every time. As well as being our amazing host Irene is also an accomplished writer and performer.

I’m between acts backstage trying to write by the dim bulb of the nightlight plugged in next to the coffee maker. For about the millionth time tonight, I wish I liked coffee, I could really use the caffeine kick. But I am a staunch tea drinker, addicted to fancy tea concoctions designed by Starbucks, but a staunch tea drinker nonetheless.

It’s an expensive habit for an actor type, the Starbucks one, but there are worse ones to have and you know it.

I am the Toronto Host of Independent Scene, airing on the web and on BiteTV, and an actress in Toronto. I returned to Toronto after an unfortunate injury caused me to leave the bohemian streets of NYC and return to my native land. Well, it wasn’t that bohemian, I lived on the Upper West Side in a place that looked like a castle. I think I live in a tougher neighbourhood in the T-Dot than I did in New York.

As I get ready for Act 2 to start, in which I get chased around the stage while having ice cubes flung at me, I am excited about my next venture and find myself having to keep putting it from my mind. My partner and I have written our own musical for the Toronto Fringe Festival. That’s right, if you are an independent artist in this town the best way to keep working is to make your own work. We have auditions coming up real soon… That’s a real treat for any actor, to sit on the other side of the table. It’s not fun to die a thousand deaths as girls just like me come in and out and 90% of them could do the job, but it’s good to experience the other side and note what stands out; in a good way and in a bad way. What sways a decision to cast? What conversations go on as headshots are passed around? All those tidbits about what to wear and what not to wear, do they really matter? Most importantly – who do I want to work with for the next 3 and a half months? Should personality outweigh talent? Should ‘look’ outweigh both? How much can you really tell from a 5 minute audition?

Never mind. Act 2. No caffeine but I’m buzzed from writing…

This summer check out Irene in "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish-Wiccan Wedding" - a musical comedy she co-wrote based on a true story, running July 2009 in the Toronto Fringe Festival. Check it out at www.mmljww.com

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